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Monday, May 3, 2010

Pain, Progress and Perspective

Writing can be excruciatingly arduous work. Some days it will flow easy and sometime it's like getting water from a stone. I've often found myself typing something and it felt like my hands were typing through quick drying cement. I'd be lucky if I got through a few paragraphs...or maybe a page or so. On a good day I write at least three pages. That's actually good for me. I read and write slowly. I try to pound it out at an even pace, but often I agonize over words too much. At the end I often think, "what I've put down is horrible!" But before I go for the delete key, I often give it a day or so to sit and then go back and re-read it. When my mind is clear, and I'm not very tired I often find what I had written and thought was horrible the day before, was actually not bad at all when I am rested and have a fresh perspective. So don't let bad moods, or fatigue send your writing into oblivion just because you were not in the best state of mind when you wrote something. Walk away from it for a little bit and then go back. Sometimes the very best writing is written through a lot of anguish and pain. Look at a guy like Van Gogh. That's a guy with a lot of pain, and yet he painted many masterpieces! Writing is very much the same, but the rewards are great when it works!

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