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Friday, May 14, 2010

Web Etiquette

Web Etiquette is very important. I've found that out in the process of creating my page, blog, and promoting my small collection of short stories. There are all sorts of ways to bump your rank up in Google. To get them to notice you. The best ways I have found are content, and "genuine" linking. The process is gruelingly slow and often very frustrating. But I have found that the best results happen if you are straight and honest with people. If you want someone to link to your page... just ask them. Be polite and considerate. Also offer to link to theirs, and take an honest look at whatever they might be publicizing themselves. I've found many fine writers on the web. But don't resort to shortcuts like link generators or traffic generators. Link generators I find offensive. It's just an automation that has no regard for me...or anyone for that matter...or my writing. Basically it's like saying, "I want you to generate traffic for me, but I don't care anything about you." Sure sometimes these generators do generate some traffic. But you will have no real association with real dedicated fan base, and no real social interaction. Traffic generators are largely scams too. Half the time it's not even real traffic. And if you use Google Analytics, they will most likely clutter up your data with a false reporting of just how popular your site is.

So point being, if you are trying to get people's attention whether for profit or not, just do it the old fashioned way and put the elbow grease into it. Most people aren't stupid...and they can see a shortcut slacker a mile off. It's no way to present yourself.

1 comment:

  1. I think you're advice is very sound. I'm new to blogging and I still have only 2 lone followers. One is a friend, the other my cousin. :)
    I get a few visits, but I think it's generally potluck. I can honestly say when I started out, it was just to get back into writing as it'd been a while. But I would hope to think visitors would read my blog and enjoy what they read.
    Elbow grease helps, and I'm looking into it to see if I can generate genuine followers, but also be the 'I do care about your blog' person also!
    Check it out on (and this is in no way an invitation for you to follow me!!)