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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sorry I've been away

Hello All,

Sorry I haven't written here in a bit. I woke up about 12 days ago with a sudden dramatic loss of hearing in my left ear. I've been going to the doctors and got Prednisone to treat it. I've got tinnitus in that ear as well so it just makes a bad situation worse! Anyway, starting to read Stephen King's "Under the Dome". Has anyone read it, and if so, would you say it's worth the gigantic amount of pages it has. Hope to hear from you all soon!



  1. Hi. I've read "Under The Dome". It IS indeed good. It's a sprawling, tons-of-characters and subplots epic. Though around the last third, you can really feel King starting to feel the weight of all that as he struggles to drag the damned thing to a conclusion.

  2. Thanks for the input, Lazlo. It's big as a brick and I wanted to know if it was good? We all know how King is with endings. I think sometimes he keeps writing because he is afraid to get to the ending because he doesn't have a good one. The "hand of God" ending of The Stand is a typical lame out King ending, yet The Stand is one of my favorite novels. Perhaps he should stick to lengths closer to that of The Shining. That was a damn near perfect book.

  3. Actually, I thought the climax was pretty cool. The aftermath, however, has so many plot threads to work out, it kinda becomes a slog.

  4. By the way, do you know of any other blogs/sites for horror/science fiction and fantasy. I can add a link to your blog if you like. Maybe you'd consider adding one from mine. Any other good pages you know of, please let me know!

  5. Well, I tend to get blogs from bloglists, so you may have many of these yourself (I found Too Much Horror Fiction & Weird Horror from here).
    Most of them are centered around movies. is a good writer's blog (although I may have got that one from you too, I can't remember).
    I hope I did all that right. As for linking to my blog, that would be kind (though it's only an amateur hour web serial). I'll be happy to add a link to yours as soon as I figure out how to do that (I'm something of a techno-tard). Pointers?

  6. Thanks for adding the link. Very simple to do, isn't it :-). I added yours to both my blog and webpage. Your under "Favorite Links" in my Blog and under the "Links" section of my website. Thanks again for the list. Hope you are well and stay in touch!

  7. Finally figured it out! Consider yourself linked.
    And thank you!