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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Where and when do you write

I'm one of those people who is guilty of doing what you are not supposed to do as a writer. I don't write everyday. I write when I feel like it. Perhaps that will change in the future. I think right now I am not writing so much because of some health issues, but I would be curious to know how often other people write? Is there a place you feel more comfortable writing? Does it have to be that cabin in the woods, or can you do it while sitting on the toilet ha ha. When I write, I try to do at least three pages a day. That's actually good for me. I guess I'm more like James Joyce...he didn't write very much a day. Does anyone get ideas from dreams? I had a few of those. You know, wake up and write it down kind of thing. But they are few and far between. I seem to be inspired by just regular situations that I ask "what if" about, and sometimes I get a good idea. I hope whoever reads this might share their writing habits for all who visit this Blog. I think an exchange of ideas always makes us better writers!


  1. The plot for my web serial actually came from a really long, insanely lucid dream I had several years back. What was funny was that I didn't appear in it at all! It was like watching tv. The character names in the story were their names in the dream. Weird.

  2. Hey there! Just got back from reading "The Place Where He Sleeps" (both parts). What can I say, but WOW! I could totally see this as an episode of the Twilight Zone! The totemic repetition of the mysterious phrase "Go! To the place where he sleeps! Go! To the room where he rests!" gave me a chill not unlike "Have you found the Yellow Sign?" from that famous R.W.Chambers story. I really enjoyed your mastery of descriptive prose (a talent which escapes me, which is why I try to shove as much information as I can through dialogue, at which I have at least some grasp). I intend to read what other stories you have posted on your website, and I'll drop by with some comments after. Oh, and be sure to check out the next chapter of my serial which I will post tomorrow. See ya!

  3. Thanks a million Lazlo! I totally appreciate your compliments!!! Thanks so much for your kindness and for checking it out! I will let people that I know of (other authors) about your blog for sure! I hope between the both of us we can get some good exposure of our work. I'll do the best I can to get the word out about your site and stories. You have a very good knack. You're strength is that things sound natural and not awkward. It is very EASY to read your stuff. It just flows. Feel free to email me direct anytime. My email is on my site. Just click CONTACT ME in the sidebar. Also, if you made a Facebook page it might bring more traffic to your blog. Very easy to do. Try submitting your stuff to Weird Tales, or some similar magazine. You have talent. Just keep pursuing! Hope you will tell anyone you know online about my site! I'll be sure to get the word out about yours too! Take care and stay in touch and let me know when your new stuff is out!

  4. Hey Russ, it's me again. I read The Foil and The Fortune and thought it was excellent. I tried the CONTACT ME button, but every time I did, Microsoft Outlook kept trying to get me to set up an account. Also, I have been unable to comment anywhere for the last few days. Creating a Google profile seemed to have fixed that. Sorry for littering your blog with my crap so much.

  5. Hi Lazlo,

    Thanks again for reading. I am very glad you liked it. I have started reading your newly posted entry from Friday. I haven't finished yet because my ear is driving me batty!!! But what I read so far was very good. CONTACT ME button will automatically try and launch your email software, so since you didn't have one set up yet, Outlook tried to get you to set one up. Good old Microsoft. Anyway, my email is: Feel free to email me there! I look forward to reading more of your work! Have you thought about submitting to magazines? Don't worry, you aren't cluttering up the blog at all. Hope to hear from you! Russ

  6. I keep telling myself I'm going to write every day but then life gets in the way. I have four kids, a sick mom, two very active puppies and I work a "day job" part time as well. My writing tends to come in spurts of inspiration. When I have something to say I say it. When I don't, I just live and observe, which I assume will become fodder for something I will write in the future.

    Kids grow when they sleep. I think we "grow" during times of rest and it is out of that growth that we have something "new" to say to our readers. So, although I tend to be horribly inconsistent, I still would rather say something interesting than put a lot of words out there that mean nothing at all...

    That's my 2 cents anyway!

  7. Cool Blog!

  8. Thank you. It's been a long time since I've kept up with this blog. But I might be blowing the dust off of it soon! I am working on and ebook and will be posting it soon on Amazon. It will be called "Staying After". Something in the vein of a Stephen King type thing. It should be ready by the end of the month I hope.