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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting the Word Out!

If you're like me, or many authors for that matter, you may have grown frustrated with getting your Novel, Novella, Short Story Collection, Poetry, or Non-Fiction writing exposure. It isn't easy, that much is for sure! I've seen a lot of small books doing great sales with content that is very simple. They have high rating and good sales, so they must be doing SOMETHING right. Right? So in this Blog entry I am soliciting people for some brainstorming ideas. Ideas that you who have been selling books and doing well have found have worked well for you. The list starts off with the obvious choices:
1. Blogging
2. Creating your own web page
3. Contacting other writers and exchanging links
4. Amazon KDP (and KDP Select will get you some exposure too)

Feel free to add to this list! I am looking for some new ideas. Hope anyone who drops by will leave some suggestions!

Hope to hear from you and keep writing and reading!

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