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Friday, June 29, 2012

Writer's Block vs Writer's Fear

I think there are two types of writer's block that an author can experience. The first and more well known one is the one where you just can't think of anything good. Most people have this kind and it is frustrating. The other kind is what I call Writer's Fear. This one's a bit more insidious. In this one you might have an idea of what to write, but your afraid you might screw it up because you don't know how to phrase things, or don't know the proper information. In this case I suggest simply getting a pad and writing down ideas longhand. If you brainstorm long enough you will find you come up with a series ideas that you can then link together. That big blank page really sucks sometimes, and it takes going back to the tried and true old method of pen and paper to get things rolling again. Just my thoughts. Works for me. Any other ideas, please do post a reply!

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