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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I'm trying to get feedback from people. If you happen to stumble on this page and you are into writing at all I hope you will post a comment. If nothing here interests you and you want something to talk about, please comment on a topic you would like brought up and I'll be glad to create a post about it! Obviously it should be about writing in some shape or form. If you have a good story on your own blog, hope you will post a link here so that it can be shared. I would like this to be a place people can come to to and share thoughts and ideas and their art. Hope you'll make this a better site by posting your comments! Thanks much!!!!!


  1. Thought I'd pop in & say hi after you visited my Enter Paranormal blog (re: The Twilight Zone article). Nice site here:) Hmmm...a topic to about: Where do writers/authors "go" to make contact with their target audience? That seems to be a hot button with authors nowadays...we HAVE to relate TO, write our stories FOR, and network WITH our target readers in order to get our names and works out there. That is the bazillion dollar question :)So, wondering if authors do anything specific "connect"?
    Gina Marie Long

  2. Hi Gina and thanks so much for dropping by. Since my two year sabbatical from blogging, I've been trying to blog again more frequently. Since I just published my first KDP novel that you can see above under the NEW EBOOK tab, I have been trying to do just that. It is a slow, arduous process, but two of the biggest tools I've found to do this are Twitter (I was anti-tweet for a while until I started with Amazon), and if you want to self Publish like I am trying to do, Amazon is a great way to directly target a SPECIFIC demographic. In my case, my novella is targeting Young Adults more specifically (however Adults could read the novella just fine, just more geared toward younger teens). Amazon lets you do this a couple of ways by picking categories when you go to publish through KDP, and also by TAGGING your book. Tags let you label it i.e. Fantasy, adult fiction, science fiction, romance...etc. This is very good for people looking for specific books. These search TAGS will lead prospective readers to your book. Blogging as usual always helps. And of course advertising on Facebook with a Facebook page helps too. Here is mine: It's all a LOT of work and you need to continuously Tweet and Blog and advertise. With my first book of short stories with a small publisher I actually made posters and wrote on it who I think would enjoy the book and put the posters up in supermarkets which often have public bulletin boards. I got a few sales out of this technique. Being your own publicist is hard so you just have to keep hammering away. I've been told this advise over and over again! So those are some tips. Hope they helped if you are a writer! I hope you will drop back for a visit again and please tell anyone you know about this Blog so we can all gain insight by sharing info with each other. Take Care! Russ

  3. Yep, sounds like you are doing the same or similar marketing tasks that I do. I enjoy marketing, but takes up so much time I should be writing. Yes, ebooks are the wave of the future. Well, not even future--the PRESENT! With the next book I finish, I'll be self-publishing it instead of going through my current publisher (who is very, very tiny, although super great to work with, but feel the need to bust out on my own). And thanks for listing me under your blog roll!