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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Second FREE SAMPLE short story posted. A bit more in the demented area, but still in the surreal area of fiction. A bit more aggressive than my usual (and a little bloody near the end). Hope you'll check out and comment on THE HIDING GAME..........This means YOU Lazlo!!!! This one's right up your alley! Click on the 2nd NEW STORY tab at the top of the page. Cheers!!!!


  1. Ha ha! I've been a neglectful friend, I know. But I've got a monkey on my back: being an addictive personality (and on a constant Dr. Pepper sugar high), I've recently become hooked on online speed chess. I'm not any good, heaven knows, but I love the thrill of the occasional hard-fought victory! Still, I need to put my foot down and bring this monkey under heel. It's distracted me far too much already. I intend to read your stories, and hopefully, get back to writing again. :D

  2. Write man! I wanna c more from u or that monkey may get inside ur head and feast on ur brains haha!