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Friday, July 20, 2012

Writing on Demand and Setting Goals!

Greetings fellow BLOG enthusiast, and thank you again for coming to my blog. Whether you did so by referral, search, or just blindly tripped over it in the darkened corner of the internet. Whichever way you came, I am glad you are here. I want to talk a little bit about writing on demand, because it is something that I have just discovered. While doing a cross blog with another author, I realized...much to my surprise...that I am actually capable of writing on demand! This is an aberration for me because usually it takes me maybe a week to get an idea straight in my head. However, my counterpart in this small experiment suggested a cross blog and to give it a THEME. We settled on Nightmarish things, and I think my short story fits a bit into that least it's in the ballpark. The idea did take a few days to come together, but I found that giving myself a theme, digging deep into my right brain, and juxtapositioning contrasting elements actually works pretty well for me. Normally I would feel that 5 single spaced pages would be a grueling task, but with a definite direction in mind they seemed to fly by with ease? How did something that often seems so hard, become a bit easier. I simply set a goal. A goal I wanted to attain and a deadline I wanted to meet! Even though no one would have shot me at dawn if I didn't make the deadline on this, it was a personal thing and I wanted to prove to myself that I could achieve what I wanted to do in a specific time frame. I like the story that emerged entitled, THE HOT NIGHT. Not one of my best, but short enough to digest quickly and I believe interesting enough to keep people reading. So it looks like goal setting is another useful device in spurring writing. If you have writing friends and you are working together with them, it seems a good idea to have them set a goal for you. If you miss your own goal, you don't care as much. But if another person is expecting something of you at a given time it tends to spur you on more as you really want to come through with the goods! Would love to hear any and all thoughts on this Blog post. As usual, more fun will be on the way! I am thinking of more strange weirdness that all of you fans of bizarre fiction would like to sink your teeth into. Along the way I will through in some more inspiring down to Earth stuff too, to keep things lively. Hope you will return as my Blog evolves, and feel free to bring your comments as usual.

*On a serious note, I want to extend my sympathies and prayers to the families of the Colorado Theater victims. This was a horrific and cowardice act committed by a subhuman, deranged, and pathetic thing. I won't even call him a man, because he isn't worthy of that title. May God rest the souls of those who were lost, and heal the souls of those who survived!

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