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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


On a non-writing related note, yesterday marked the 17th week of wifey's excursion into Motherhood. Having not yet determined the sex yet (we will find out in her 20th week), we just refer to the baby as "Peanut" ha ha! Hasn't started kicking hard yet, but it was an active little stinker on the 12th week sonogram. Could see its little head, hands and feet flipping around all over. Moves around a lot, which I guess is good! Doctor says "my they're an active one!" Heartbeat good so far. Keep praying everything goes okay! Happy 17 week, Peanut. We love you very much. Maybe I'll write a story about you ha ha ha!


  1. Oh! I didn't even catch this post when here earlier! Good luck on the mini-Huneke!